please help -- i am in need of a truly good expert!

okay all I'm in need of a REAL expert so please help
heres the story
on saturday at 1am i am fast asleep, my laptop fully switched off and unplugged, no power, my internet dongle unplugged, no power. My network provider insists my SIM internet dongle was active and using allowance while i was asleep but I know this to be impossible. my 36 yr old partner of 10 years was asleep with me and SWEARS she never went downstairs to log on. what the hell is going on?
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  1. Yup, sounds like someone is lying about usage. There is nothing anyone can do for you here.
  2. If it's off, its off.
    Can the ISP show you an actual log of usage at that time? Be careful may not want to discover the actual answer.
  3. Either someone has cloned the sim or they are trying to pull one over on you. Either way there's nothing we can do.
  4. If the ISP is billing you for the data, you can ask them for a detailed report. It will likely show when it was active and how much data was used at each time. I'm not sure what kinds of information they log, but it would seem to me that it is up to them to prove you actually used it.

    If you are absolutely certain the bill is wrong, you should take legal action and let them try to prove you wrong. ISPs tend not to take the consumer very seriously until you bite them back.
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