Can mobo beep without cpu? Cant power my pc up. split second fan spins no boot.

Hi dear community,
I had some bad situation randomly. i shut down my computer in the morning and left house then came back evening. my pc didnt boot up. All funs spins for a second then turns off, repeats it until i shut down PSU. No beep, no post, no graphics. My mobos lights are up and green.

I was so sure its about PSU, i had similar issues before, so i went and bought a brand new PSU. But nothing has changed. Same symptoms.

1-Full system : No boot, no beep, no post
2-Cpu+fan+ram(rams changed slots or just one stick at a time): Same
3-Cpu+fan(No ram) : Still same (fan spins no boot, no beep, no post)
4-Cleared CMOS and also pull out battery: Same
5-Changed PSU: Same
6-Reseated CPU, heatsink, thermal gel vs.

There is only 2 answers. CPU or MOBO. I just cant know cuz i cant access any other mobos compatible with my i3 cpu.

The only thing i wonder is if a mobo can beep without cpu? If it can = dead mobo. if it cant = we still dont know which one. Can you please answer my last question or give me a tip about any other technique to understand which is broken?

Asus p8z77-v lk
Thermaltake 600 watt PSU and also Everest 750 watt PSU
intel i3 cpu (cant remember model name)
Some working GPU/RAM which i dont believe these are the issue.

Thanks for your help,
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    sounds like the motherboard cannot distribute power properly. most likey need a new motherboard
  2. One thing I didn't read that you did, was to reseat the processor. Try that. remove heatsink, and processor. Clean old paste. Reseat processor. Reapply new paste and install heat-sink.
  3. oops i forgot to mention that. i did all of those what u suggested danny2000. now updating my post with this info also. thx for help anyway :)
  4. Okay. Changed mobo with a new one and problem got solved. Thank you ppl
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