Question about CM Storm Trooper case...Fan's behind mobo?

So I'm planning on buying another side panel for my Storm Trooper, that is another panel with mesh running down it, giving me the ability to mount two extra fans. Has anyone ever tried this before?

If i do this the fans would be behind the mobo, potentially blocked by wires, but if those aren't an issue, does anyone think there would be an issue with airflow, or static or what have you with the fans being that close to the components?

I'd love to hear from anyone. Thanks!
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    I have done this on my old Antec 302. It's for cooling the motherboard's components which get hot on the PCB. Ideal if you have something like an ASRock Extreme 9 Z87. It's not required, but like a safeguard if your board is prone to overheating.
  2. Thanks a lot. I'm mainly worried about any damage done from them being so close, particularly if I use high cfm fans (I know it's not going to make a windtunnel but still :P)

    However, my board hasn't had any heat issues as of yet, so I'll hold off. Thanks again.
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