Should I Upgrade My Computer, or Just GPU?

I have a HP Pavilion P1640f and am wondering whether i should just upgrade the GPU, or get a new computer altogether.

Cpu: Core 2 Quad @ 2.50 Ghz
Ram: 8GB
Hd: 1TB
SSD: 128gb OCZ Agility 3
GPU: Onboard Intel G33/G31

I am wondering if this will be good enough, if i had a graphics card, to play Minecraft, DayZ, Garrys Mod and have some power to spare, or if i need to buy a new computer altogether.
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  1. What type of budget are you looking at?
  2. I would be worried about you're GPU, Right know you can probably run GMod and minecraft but i doubt you can run dayZ, Just get a graphics card and you'll be good for a year or so. a new CPU might help though.
  3. Upgrade the power supply to at least 500w and you can get a decent GTX 750 Ti, R7-260X, or better video card.
  4. For buying a new computer i dont have a budget, ill just buy it later on, but for the GPU i want to have it around $200, but for my uses, i dont think a graphics card above 150 is needed. Thank you Joseph, i forgot about the psu, any psu recomended, or is any above 500w good? My graphics card right now cant play gmod unless i turn on direct x 8 but i dont know about DayZ yet.
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    A good brand PSU, such as XFX, Silverstone, Antec, or Corsair should work. You can get a GTX 660 for around $200 and it should work fine with a 500w PSU. You can even play games like Batman Arkham Origins on decent settings with that.
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