Installing Two 120mm Delta fans. Help.

I just bought 2 Delta 120mm fans;

What i am wondering is how i will fit them into my motherboard. The connecter is a 4 pin PWM. But my current 200mm fans are only 3 pin. And I don't think i will have an extra Sys_fan slot on the motherboard, once i replace 1 120mm with the 200mm one. I was looking into getting the NZXT sent 2 fan controller, but the specs list that the fan only takes 3 pin connectors.

Could somebody help me understand this? I don't know where i can install the second 120mm fan, after replacing the 200mm fan slot on the motherboard, and if using that fan controller I'd be able to plug the 4 pin pwm connectors into it.

My motherboard is the z77x-ud3h Gigabyte.

Here is the link to the fan controller i am thinking of buying if the fans will work with it.
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  1. that motherboard has 4 pwm fan pins for "system fans" and 1 more for the cpu fan. You can use 3 pin or 4 pin sockets on those 4 pin plugs on the motherboard. assuming you have more then 4 system fans, i suggest you get a fan controller... as there will be no other way to get them all to run.
  2. Yeah , I was looking into the Sentry 2. But it only has 3 pin connectors, how would i connect them if they are 4 pin? can you tell me which fan connector would be best? I want to get the sentry 2 but if you have a better one in mind plesae let me knw
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  4. Oh nice, that will work perfect! Where can i buy it>

    Akasa Flexa FP5 PWM 5-Way Splitter - Smart Fan Cable (AK-CBFA03-45)

    Very reliable online retailer:
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