R9 290X Unigine Heaven Score (and General Performance) 1440p - Low or Average?

Hi guys,

I might be having some problems with my R9 290X Crossfire setup, however as I am not experienced with AMD cards (these are my first AMD cards since my HD4870 which burned out), I am not sure whether I should be getting these results. So I would like some assistance. :)

Here are my test results.

Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0

Min FPS:
Max FPS:

CPU model:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz (3499MHz) x4 <-- This has been OCed to 4.4GHz
GPU model:
AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (4095MB) x2

2560x1440 8xAA fullscreen
Custom <-- This is everything maxed out.

I have been having problems with some games having worse performance with Crossfire on, and then some problems with visual bugs in games, and micro stuttering with vSync turned on etc. So I am trying to check whether I am doing something wrong or whether there is something wrong with my setup or whether this is the level of support from AMD Crossfire and the latest cards are getting (no offense meant with this, however I haven't had the best of luck with my HD4870 and haven't heard too many nice words regarding AMD and support).

Optional: I made a thread on the Skyrim subreddit which might provide more info:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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  1. Hey,

    if you haven't done it yet for some reason download start your PC in Windows safe mode and run the driver sweeper. Get rid of everything that appears on the list related to AMD or nVidia. Then restart your PC, download and install the latest AMD drivers.
  2. I have already tried a clean reinstall of the drivers, and it didn't fix anything. I will try again though, but I doubt it'll fix anything. So yeah... still looking for any advice. :D
  3. Best answer
    Just did a clean reinstall using the latest Atiman, still nothing. I also took some screenshots from Skyrim without mods and just Crossfire and this is what I get:

    The sun is far too bright, and I am getting stuttering with bugged water ripples. If I turn of Crossfire, everything is fine, however I cannot play with ANY ENB with more than 20-30 FPS. No matter whether I have mods installed or not. And from videos I've seen, I should be getting far better performance. The stuttering is present in most games with vsync turned on though.
  4. Anyway, any idea if I can do any other benchmark to check? My problem is that a lot of games suffer from lower performance if Crossfire is on, and I do not know whether this is normal.

    So any benchmarks I can do?
    Or maybe I could get some info from members on here regarding what kind of performance they are getting at 2560x1440 with Crossfire 290Xs so I can compare to the actual performance I am getting? Or any other way to check if both cards are running as they are supposed to? Since the lower performance with Crossfire makes zero sense to me (coming from a previous nVidia SLI system), and I want to check if maybe one of my cards need to be replaced.

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