New PC Build, No Audio on TV Speakers with HDMI

Hi, I built a PC today, it's running fine, but I plugged in my headphones earlier, set them to default in "Sound" and when I unplugged them, there was no sound on my TV, I am using HDMI and when I go into the "Sound" setting, the speakers and faded out saying "Not plugged in" and my default sound option right now is the "Realtek Digital Output", and no sound is to be heard. I tried re-installing the Realtek High Definiton Audio but nothing, what do I do from here to get sound on my TV Speakers again?
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  1. What is supplying the video to that HDMI output port? Is it a video chip on the mobo, or do you have a video card plugged into a PCI slot?

    If video is from a vid card, you'll need to adjust a setting in Sounds. Vid cards that output via HDMI these days usually also have their own audio output chip on the vid card, and that is where the HDMI port gets its audio signal. But Windows can only use ONE audio output device at a time. So if your Sound settings are set to use the Realtek audio chip on the mobo as the default output device, the chip on the vid card is NOT being used by Windows. You would need to go to the Sound settings and change the default audio output device to the system on your video card instead.

    Now, IF instead you are using audio and video both from chips on the mobo, it is possible that the mobo has two audio output devices - the Realtek one you used to get the headphones working, and another that feeds different audio signals out via the HDMI port. Check the Sounds setting panel to see if your system has some other audio output device besides the Realtek one.
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