Is Crossfirex game tweaking mandatory?

I currently have a dual gpu (r9 270x) configuration, and i'm not seeing the significant difference from a single card. I play the modern meta games such as BF4, Max Payne 3, and League of legends. Is there game tweaking i need to do to make these FPS performance difference with these kind of games (I play steam games a lot as well ~ max payne)? And if so, how do i do that?

Thank you.
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  1. What's your full system setup?
  2. CPU: FX-6300 (OC - 3.9ghz)
    GPU: r9 270x (2 way xfire)
    MOBO: MSI 970A G46
    PSU: 750wt corsair bronze certified
    MEMORY: 8gbs G.skill (1600mghz)
    STORAGE: 1tb Western digital cavier blue, 250gb Crucial SSD
  3. You CPU is heavily bottlenecking your GPUs. Upgrade to a good i5 I'd recommend a 4670k and a good z87 motherboard. Then you will notice a difference between one and two cards.
  4. That means a MOBO upgrade as well. Could i just go with an 8350?
  5. You could but on a 970 chip set it'll run mediocre. You have a budget motherboard as it is. You want something that can do x16 x16 or x8 x8 at a minimum don't get a x8 x4 board it'll cause a lot of microstutter
  6. Okay, thanks. Is there any deals on a new MOBO an cpu? Possibly links? :)
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    More than good, best gaming cpu you can get pretty much
  8. Okay, this shall be my next upgrade! Thanks man!
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