VRAM and Plasma TV's.

I have a friend who has me helping him build a PC. He's going to put in his entertainment center and use it on his 50 something inch 1080p 600hz plasma TV and play with a controller. Does the 600hz refresh rate mean he could technically get up to 600 fps? I'm not sure if it works the same way for TV's like it does for monitors. Considering the size of the TV should he go with a 4gb 770 or would a 2gb still be sufficient since its still just one display?
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    No, you will not be able to achieve 600fps. Plasma technology is different than LCD/LED HDTVs. For all intensive purposes plan for 60hz. Regardless of the physical size of the display, a 1080p display is still 1920x1080. For that the 2GB GTX 770 is plenty.
  2. Thanks! This is going to be his console replacement. 8th gen systems came out and he was not impressed. I cancelled my PS4 pre-order the week before it launched when I actually got to see the performance in person at a local gamestop. Shortly after I built a PC and now my friend is following me.
  3. Very good. Hope you both have fun!
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