New build. Not sure if done right,plus need bios help

Hey guys,I recently put together my first new system. And am unsure of a few things. I'm not %100 sure I put everything together correctly. As in the cpu fan and case fans,stuff like that. I mean I can start the system up and it boots into the bios,which I also need help setting up.
(im waiting on the OS)

System Is
Thermaltake Chaser A31 White.
MSI A88X G43 FM2/2+ Mobo
AMD A10-6800k
Corsair Vengeance 1866 (2x4gb)
Enermax ETS N30 GAS
Rosewill RP600V2-S-SL PSU
Samsung 840 Bro 120gb

I also have two antec case fans to put on top...What side do I face them?

Sorry for all the questions but any help at all would be much appreciated
(I can send pics if requested)
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    If it starts up then you put it together properly. If you run into any problems when trying to install your OS or run your computer, then come back with those. You're doing great!

    Case fans can be pointed either way, and your case should have recommendations for which fan slots you should have intake and which fan bays you should have exhaust. If you're unsure which orientation gives you intake and exhaust, then spin the fan a little with your finger and feel which way the wind blows. The side that it blows towards is the exhaust side.
  2. Ok that gives me a little boost in confidence,thank you for that.
    With my case fans,I have one intake at the front,and one out-take on the top and back. I have two more spots on my case for 2 more 120mm fans but I don't think my mobo has any more spots I can plug the two extra ones in... not sure if I'm blind or what ?
  3. Also... I don't think my mobo has any more spots for me to plug in any more fans besides the 3 I have...not sure if I am blind or just stupid
  4. although your motherboard may not have enough fan connections available, you can buy a fan hub like this:

    and you can plug as many fans as you want into it.
  5. wow... I did not know those existed,I need to do more research. my questions have been answered for now lol I thank you a ton! you rock man.
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