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I am new to overclocking and compuer stuff and i wanted to know how to overclock my cpu and graphics card as safe as possible ive head its risky because its a laptop and the heating but i would just like to know if i should and how. I mainly want to try improve my pc for gaming
Any help welcome thanks.

ps. My pc has two graphics cards an intel one and a nvidia geforce 610M
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  1. Post your build
  2. Sorry, you can't overclock your laptop. gt 610 is a low end integrated gpu from Nvidia. Trying to over clock it will hardly yield any noticeable performance gain and will likely kill it. get a custom built desktop, if you truly want to game.
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    i7Baby said:
    Post your build

    Is this what you wanted. Im very new at this stuff sorry
  4. OK. I didn't realise it was laptop. They don't get cooled enough to overclock. It'd just overheat your cpu.

    To improve it for gaming see if you can get a better graphics card. The GT610 is bottom of the pile. See if you can get a GTX ???M
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