What's wrong with my MSI R6850 Cyclone?

When I bought it 2 years ago I didn't knew a thing about overclocking, but now I want more perfomance. My strange R6850 have 775/4000 base clocks instead of 860/4400, but has it's nice Cyclone cooler (it looks same as 860/4400 version, not an older "bad cyclone"). If I switch to silent mode (there is a switch on a card), then GPU-Z show me a weird card with 4 ROPs and 24 TMUs. On video card's box I saw a "Triple Overvoltage" tag but whenever I tried to it didn't worked, when I change it it shows the same 1.1 volt under load. It worked fine on 965/4400 MHz (I tested it by Crysis 3 and Furmark, and nothing crashed or been unstable), but after some time started to crash very often (either driver or completely PC freeze, requiring reset to fix). When I tried to run FurMark @ 1000/4400 with 1.2 volts in Afterburner it also crashed. My MSI Afterburner version is 3.0.0 Beta 19, Catalyst's version is 14.4. Should I try older Afterburner and Catalyst 12.1 which supported OC'ing without check in "unofficial overclocking mode"? I have it check in current config. PSU is 700W, so even if it really can provide only 400-450 watts, it still should be enough even under extreme load with overclocking both CPU and GPU (each of them consume approx. 140-170W when OC'd and under 100% load). Is age of card matters? Is 965/4400 became unstable cause of it? But I thing that 930/4400 shall work fine.
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  1. It's just a non-OC'd Cyclone
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    age of cards can and usually do play a part, after 2 years, I would expect OC to be not accepted as well as it would be if it were new.
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