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Hey guys I need some help with my overclocking. I managed to get my processor to an operating speed of 1400mhz-4400mhz (need leeway) without my computer putting black bars across my screen or a BOSD. The problem is I want to overclock my Graphics card but that is when the problems arise. Any suggestions? I use a 650w PSU with a FX 8320 and HD 7950 along with a Phanteks PH-TC14PE_BK cooler. My Oc software lets me move my GPU settings up to:
GPU Clock: 1200mhz (from 1000mhz)
Memory clock: 1575mhz (from 1250mhz)
If I am able to overclock any more items such as ram please tell me if I can and if it is worth it.
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  1. your expecting to much, on amd cards of that tier your looking at 100mhz max or more typically around 50mhz on the core 75-100 on the memory. amd tend to run there cards close to maximum so have little in the way of oc headroom.
    nvidia cards only oc well because there typically under-clocked to meet power requirements, temps and noise level.
  2. okay What about RAM can't you tweak that?
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    yes you can tweak the ram but it will depend on your cpu's mem controller how much use that will be. typically you can add about 100 mhz to ram without going over spec on voltages. but personally i prefer to stick with stock speeds and drop the latency timings instead. as it will often give a little more performance than the faster speeds
    assuming your doing it all in bios.
  4. A safer OC for your videocard would be arroud 1050 - 1075 Mhz core clock, and arround 1300Mhz for the video memory. After theese values diminnising returns kick in (to much heat, instability and risc to damage your GPU)
  5. Okay thanks guys.
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