GTX 760/770 2gb with triple monitors

I'm nearly done with my build but am a bit worried about my monitor situation.

I currently have:
29'' TV that has a max resolution of 1360x768
~19'' Dell monitor that has a max of 1600x900

I'm also looking to add a third 23'' monitor so I can have a display that does 1920x1080 for once.

Now, I'll only be playing games on the 23'' monitor and using the other 2 for other stuff.

I'm curious if a GTX 760 2GB will be sufficient, without effecting game performance too much. Or if I need to jump to a 770 2GB, or if my only solution is to either go with a 4GB model or take a monitor away (most likely my dell).

I've also read is places that it's possible to run both your GPU and integrated graphics at the same time, running different monitors off both, and if that has any effect on performance (or is even possible, I've read a lot of different things).


i7 4770
MSI Z87-G45 (I know, I know. I can't overclock but I didn't want to cheap out completely)
Corsair CX600M PSU
16GB of 1600 RAM

and that should be all that actually matters hardware wise. Typical air cooled system with an SSD boot drive + HDD storage.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. your setup is so similar to mine. tv and 2nd monitor will be duplicated while main monitor is extended and used only for gaming .760 is pretty enough but if you have budget, get 770
  2. What sort of TV only has a 768p resolution? Is it a CRT type?

    A 760 should be OK. Whic monitor are you palying games on? Its just that you need to have the connectors and TV/monitors to suit the graphics card.

    What connectors do you want to use on the tv and monitors? VGA, DVI, hdmi, dp or what?

    The GTX 760 has - One Dual Link DVI-I, One Dual Link DVI-D, One HDMI, One DisplayPort

    The GTX 770 has - One Dual Link DVI-I, One Dual Link DVI-D, One HDMI, One DisplayPort - the same
  3. i7Baby said:
    What sort of TV only has a 768p resolution? Is it a CRT type?

    It's an Emerson that I got as a gift. I was confused when I plugged it in, believe me.

    Thanks for the information as well!

    I'd be using the HDMI for the TV, the DVI for the 23'' monitor (for games), and a VGA-> DVI adapter for the Dell monitor. A big reason I'm considering just ditching it and giving it to a family if I have to. I don't absolutely need the screen real-estate of 3 monitors, but I definitely could utilize it if I had it.

    It should be noted that I don't plan on playing any of the extremely high end games like Metro, Crysis 3, or BF4. Those games just don't interest me.

    Thief and Bioshock: Infinite are about as far as I'm gonna go for now.
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    That tv is weird - 29 inch and only 768p! Tv's don't make good monitors - they have long response times.

    The 760 should run the two monitors OK. The 770 could run them well.
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