Socket 775 motherboard with uefi bios????

i need to flash my gtx 690 with the latest uefi vbios update from asus, but in order to do that i need a motherboard and windows 8. I basically need the cheapest build just so i can update my vbios.

my son has a q6600 so instead o forking out for a new cpu i was going to use his but his motherboard does not support uefi so need to buy one, and i already have a new copy on windows 8.
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  1. Put it in another pc. Where's yours? Or do you only have the GTX 690 so far?

    I gather you actually mean update the gtx 690 drivers. GTX 690 is a graphics card; not a motherboard. UEFI is for motherboards and so is bios.

    The GTX should work with old drivers anyway. It'd just work a bit better with newer drivers.
  2. i have not built mine yet, but would like to flash the vbios before building it, i mean the vbios not the drivers
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    There is no vbios in the GTX690; only a driver set.
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