Which case is better for my system?

Not sure on which case to get, I've had my heart set on the Air 540 for some time now, and this new black/blue H440 really jumbled my mind.

Here's my build, with the case I was going to get.

And here is the competitor, but in the last photo of the H440 it has some blue thermal armor on the motherboard that is the main decider for which case I'm going to get, as it'll look sexy as hell. :D All opinions honored, please discuss.
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    The NZXT is more conventional looking and yeah the blue highlight is nice. The Corsair looks to me like HTPC case. They both should fit your GPU and water cooler. The NZXT has no 5.25 bays.

    I like the looks of the NZXT but I'd like an ODD and I'm not sure about the motherboard cover.

    The 540 is a lot smaller but probably the same volume as the NZXT.

    Sorry - can't make up my mind
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