Best BUDGET motherboard for overclocking an FX 8350 + Hyper 212 evo?

I need this cheap, and good quality. I don't want anything insane, just when games get slow an extra few hundred megahertz wouldn't go a miss. The board I have in mind is this one:

Please suggest boards around this price range, I think it has an 8 + 2 power phase! I don't want to SLI/X-Fire. My PSU will be 750 watts.
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    Yes, it has the 8+2 VRMS, it is good enough. Other one will be Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 ( 6+2 VRMs)
  2. The selected Gigabyte board is the cheapest good OC board there is and will suit your build well planning to only use one GPU.
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