Building first gaming PC for myself. Input please! :)

This is my first gaming PC I'm building for myself. I've only put together computers for personal use for other people before. Besides gaming I'll be using this PC for audio stuff I cant do on my Mac. My PTHD card on my Mac does all the processing for my job, so anything I'll be using the PC for that is also audio related wont take much processing power.

For gaming I'd really like my PC to run Dark Souls 2 and Titanfall on high settings. Not max setting but high graphics with a steady framerate. I'm not sure whats crap for framerate. Not sure how tough Destiny is going to be when it is released but I'm hoping it'll be able to run that game smoothly too whenever it comes out. Probably play some TF2 and some less demanding steam games. And LoL, but from what I understand LoL will run smoothly on a breadstick.

Just wondering what you guys think of build, and if I have two things listed, which one would be better.

CPU: i53570 or i54670 (probably not k, unless oc in the future seems like a good idea? not sure if these cpu are strong enough to handle these games, and should I get 1150 or 1155?)

MOBO: Z77 or Z87 depending on what CPU I'll get

GPU: MSI Radeon R9 270x (I know the GPU is probably whats going to affect my gaming rig the most, not sure if this is strong enough)

RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 2x4GB

HD: WD Blue 1TB SSD (I want to keep huge cluttered audio and video files from work off my OS HDD)
Samsung 840 HDD

PSU: Rosewill 550M or Corsair 750 CX

Monitor: I play fighting games on console, so I'll be using a lagless Benq or Asus for console and my PC.

Windows 7 or 8? I have not used 8 to this day :/

What am I spending too much or too little on? Opinions? Thanks guys!
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  1. I suggest getting i5-4670K as the CPU. I have R9 270x and it runs titanfall and almost all the games I have tried on max settings. Windows 8 takes some time to get used to but the recent updates has made it much better in my opinion.
  2. If you are not going to OC no point in getting a 'K' cpu. I would pick the i5-4670. If you can drop another $100, you should get the r9 280x, so you are a bit more future proof. Windows 8.1 is fine. With the latest update W8.1 is really stable and has a desktop mode by default. PSU, I would go for a good 600w or 650w depending on gpu.
  3. Thanks! You guys dont think I need to overclock in the future? Is the 4670 going to be strong enough in a few years without oc? Am I thinking about the CPU too much?
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    If you don't plan on overclocking, grab an i5-4440 + H87 chipset motherboard. It will give the same performance as an i5-4670k + Z87 chipset motherboard at stock speed.
    For the SSD, make sure that it is either a Samsung 840 EVO or Samsung 840 Pro, with the latter being the more premium SSD. I would recommend the EVO for you since its a gaming system and the only real advantage of the Pro is the write speed.
    Change the psu. Rosewill is Newegg's in-house brand and isn't really that great. The Corsair CX series are Corsair's worst psu series. I would recommend the XFX 650w.
    With the saved money from the processor and motherboard, you should be able to fit in at least a GTX 760. If you can, then go for the more expensive R9-280X.
  5. I'm willing to spend more money to get a GTX 760, is that noticeably better than the 270x? Trying to keep my build under $1000 not including monitor, os, keyboard and mouse.
  6. Also, does my PSU need to be Haswell "ready" or Haswell "certified?" I'm using a 4670 so I need a Haswell psu.
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