Could someone compare 2 graphics cards?

On GameDebate I wanted to check whether I could run Watch_Dogs game. I put is as my relative stance point. I don't know anything about Graphic Cards really, so I compared, graphic cards to very "requiremental" Watch_Dogs. I found that 2GB V-RAM is not enough. So I found a new graphic card, the deliverer claims it has 4GB V-RAM. I tried to compare it, but GameDebate thinks that I point 2GB V-RAM version. I went of NVIDIA website, it says it's specifications and performance, but nothing about amount of V-RAM (at least not of the one GPU of mine). So, could you guys relate for me, my probable future video card and recommended by GameDebate graphic card for ultra settings? I don't need precise "tellings". I just need to know one of following:
- Your GPU is not half as good as the other.
- Your GPU is almost as good as the other.
- Your GPU is slightly better than the other.
- Your GPU is much more better than the other.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M (4GB)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (3GB)

Now I've heard that "M" behind means it's mobile version (which it is, it's actually laptop) and that it cuts the performance of it's desktop twin by half. So...
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  1. These 2 two cards are like day and night. there's no way you can compare desktop gpu with mobile gpu not to talk about GTX 780 which is faster than any mobile gpu by far...
    You can compare mobile gpu with mobile gpu and desktop gpu with desktop gpu.
  2. That's like comparing a Toyota to a Ferrari. GTX 780 all the way.
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  4. n3cw4rr10r said:

    Now that's weak of me. Damn, I thought I could find reasonable card for most hard games for good price.
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