ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0 no 8pin plug-in power supply.

Hi, I bought this motherboard with apricots have not yet reached. I have a problem because the motherboard needs a 8pin and 24pin and my power supply only has 4pin and 24pin. What do I do buy something adapter or motherboard will work on 4 pin and 24 Please answer quickly! ;)
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  1. It might work, but it might not be stable and cannot be Overclocked due to it delivering less power.
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    When you use the 4pin 12v one, it will work for single cpu MB, but you may have hard time for ocing because it is providing half of the current carrying capacity compared to an 8 pin 12v cable.
  3. Here's your answer.

  4. Thanks ;)
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