How to setup my linksys router to go to my company website when the customers log in to my wireless network.

When somebody connects to my wireless network and open the internet explorer I want my company website to opens. How can I setup this feature? I have a linksys router.

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    That's not possible as far as I know. Only corporate ISPs who provide a branded & customised web browser can do that.

    It can only work if each user sets your company website as their "Home Page" in their Internet Explorer:

    But they could just easily set the home page to something else if they get fed up with seeing your website.

    There is no way you can "lock it down" to prevent users from changing it since it has nothing to do with your router setup or configuration. You can't even force them to use Internet Explorer for that matter.
    What they use and what they see on their own computer is their business, not yours.
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