Do i need to sli my gtx 770 to run 2 or 3 monitors?

Hey guys,

I wish to play my pc games with 3 monitors. I have seen people play Crysis and WoW and it looks just amazing. I have a BenQ GL2450HM.

I can afford the 2 extra monitors as they are only £100, but I think I may have to buy another gtx 770. Can my EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 Superclocked 2GB GDDR5 run 3 monitors at medium-ultra settings at 60 fps on its own?

If it can't, is it possible to add another monitor (just 1), but just for youtube, and junk and have it run perfectly on my singular gtx 770?

Thanks a lot guys :P
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    I would say lower then med. A 770 by itself will struggle with 3 monitors on your asking settings. SLI'ing will help a lot. A single 770 with 2 monitors won't be a problem, but you'll be only able play on 1 monitor.
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