Using ATI HD 3650 with HD8670D cards together

Guys, I have an integrated ATI HD 8670D graphics processor with my new computer (ibuypower comp) and have a brand new ATI Sapphire HD 3650 graphics card sitting in my closet. I have the space on the motherboard for the 3650. Will they work together? If so, that would be great!
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    It is not on the supported list for the APU!
  2. Crap. Do you have the link to where you found that?
  3. Rolli59 - one more question. Is it possible to use them both at the same time, but not in crossfire mode? The reason I am going to all this effort is, the computer gets to spooling up so fast when I play something like world of tanks, or even prison architect - games that aren't particularly pretty and graphic intensive. I notice it doesn't do it with games like minecraft because, again, not very graphic intensive. I never had trouble in my old comp with the 3650, but the integrated one is just a turd.
  4. You can try! Little experiment never hurts. It was out well before the APU's hence not in their support.
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