Will Phanteks Cooler clear these Gskill memory sticks?

I have following set up. Before I get the cooler, I am trying to learn if it will clear the height of my memory sticks (already on the way).

This is my set up:

If that cooler will not clear my memory, which one is good air cooler that will? They don't put installed height specs anywhere on the description or am I missing it? And if Gskills does include that info, then wondering if Phanteks tells you how much clearance you need? Trial and error is not a very good way to try to build a system.
Edit - someone on Amazon told me this cooler may not line up with my case and that I should find 200mm fan cooler. First I've heard this.
Back to searching....
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    The RAM does not fit with that cooler, because the RAM X Series height =40mm ( FAQ section ) and the space under the fan is only 32.92mm ( FAQ section ).

    So you can 1) get the low profile RAM (1600Mhz is better) with PH-TC14PE. or get the Noctua NH-D14 and the 1600MHz RAM

    Here is the review for PH-TC14PE and the Noctua NH-D14 ( it is very good too)

    Noctua NH-D14

    Add I forget the case, the case can fit the cooler. CPU cooler height limitation: 180mm VGA length limitation: 330mm
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