I need change search engine BING for Mazilla firefox on Coogle search engine for Mazilla firebox

By mistake I made search engine Bing my homepage , but this engine came in my Mazilla firefox and changed Google on Bing. Now I want come back to Google Mazilla firebox . I used recomendation from Mazilla help web side , I can;t delete Bing engine.
Recomendation what I recieved did not help me , becouse at the right top of the broser not exist current search engine with small arrow which mentioned search engine name.
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    I'm not sure whether I understood your problem. But if you are asking how to set google as your search engine in firefox you can do that as I'm saying.
    In the 'search box' at the right top of the brower, which shows your current search engine, there's a 'very small arrow head pointed to down' at the beginning before mentioning the search engine's name. Click that arrow head and select Google instead of Bingo from the dropping down menu. And your search engine will change to google then.
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