2 r9 290x vs 1 r9 295x2

as i heard, that the r9 295x2 is a double r9 290x, so should i buy an r9 295x2 or should i crossfire two r9 290x? will i get the same performance? i appreciate any comment.
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    Same performance, just take up less room. It's cheaper to buy 2 r9 290x
  2. How much performance do you need?
    If you will be using triple monitors or are planning on a 4k monitor, the cf 290x will be good.
    Yes, you will need a cf capable motherboard which will be a tad more expensive, and heat will be a bit more of an issue with cf.

    Otherwise, on a single monitor, a good single card like the GTX780ti will be all you need.
  3. thanks guys, @geofelt i already have an r9 290x, i was thinking of purchasing another one then crossfiring, then i thought what about the r9 295x2? but thanks again guys
  4. running two r9 290x water cooler($1000)

    R9 295x2(wholesale $1350, retail $1500)
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