Does disabling integrated graphics reduce heat?

Hello, I am using i7 4770 with stock cooler and integrated graphics but my temps read pretty high. 60-70C while gaming.
I cannot afford anything at the moment, but I do have a very old cheap PCIe graphics card laying around that's worse than the Intel HD 4600. Should I use the older graphics card and disable integrated? will that reduce the heat on the i7? I am currently saving up for a high end graphics card and I'm using integrated temporarily.
I am low on money and time right now so I cannot go out and buy a cooler.
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  1. Yes it will lower the heat but you are still within limits.
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    60-70 is normall gaming temps.
    if you want, install the pci GPU, will make a small difference.
    TDP (max temp 72.72) for the cpu.
    I'm guessing you're using the cpu fan which came with the cpu.
    I would save for a new cpu fan first, before i buy a GPU, since playing high-end games will push your cpu to it's limits which will increase temps.Good luck
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