Best gpu for intensive games under £200 (arma 3)

I would like to know the best GPU to buy under £200 for graphical intensive gaming.
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  1. Hello Henry beach,

    This monthly article should solve your question.,3107.html

    The answer would be the GTX 770.
  2. You won't get close to a £200 GTX770, aim fro the GTX760 or R9 280 (not the 280 'X').
    There's not much separating these cards, they're at the same prices and offer pretty well identical performance
    Nvidia tend to be cooler, quieter and smoother, AMD are less expensive (but not by much here) and carry a larger 3Gb of memory.
    I think ARMA can tax the memory pretty hard, and there's a constant trend for games to use more memory-BF4 and Titanfall can both run close to that 3Gb when pushed- so I'd go for the R9 280.
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    Yeah, I second a GTX-760, though a GTX 770 is the way to go if you can spend the $ for ARMA3. I actually run 770 4GB SLI for ARM3 now, bought (1) 770 last year and then I picked another up last week. It was a huge jump in FR for the move to (1) 770, a 2nd just helped steady out the variance I was seeing with (1) card.

    2GB is fine for single-monitor 1080p, go 4GB if you are going to go above 1080p to future proof your investment.
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