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If you don't want to affect the quality of your build, but don't mind a lower graphics quality(720p/60fps), is the gpu the part to skimp on?

What is a good gpu for mid range quality(720p/60fps)?

Can you download windows 7 on a mac/flashdrive and then use that to boot windows to the new rig?

Are Intel Xeon processors the same as i5/i7 without the integrated graphics?
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    The xeon is similar to an i7 without graphics on the chip but has some differences. Go for i5 or the xeon if you really want it. You can use a flash drive to install any file, but i would ask someone about mac if you already have an operating system installed.
    The gpu devalues the fastest, and some say it is the most important part. you need balance though, but for 720p anything 100-200 maybe possible. The used market is where this is great.
  2. any other opinions
  3. What do you mean when you say the gpu devalues the fastest?
  4. Im saying the radeon 6950 was 300 bucks, now they can be found for like 100 or less. Sandy bridge also came out at this time. Those processor are still great and sell for a fair amount even with their age. The processor intel wise devalues the slowest usually. The graphics cards are devalued quickly.
  5. So is a Xeon fine for a gaming PC? (I don't need integrated graphics)
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