gtx 780 sli oc/i7 4770k oc

What would be a good psu for this kinda system?
i'm running 5 hard drive as well, 2 ssd 3 1tb.16gb ram h100i
atm i'm running only 1 gtx 780 classy and the i7 on a 650w psu but i'm planning on adding another gtx 780 because i started playing on a 2k monitor.

Was thinking on EVGA PSU/Corsair?
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  1. rolli59 said:

    +1, but if you really want the best and have the money to spare, get this:
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    Here's my experience and some hard numbers. I'm using a Maximus VI Formular MoBo w/ 4770k @ 4.6 Ghx, 16 GB Mushkin 2400, twin Asus 780 DCIIs (25% on core / 20% OC on memory), water cooled with twin water pumps. To get maximum OC's I wanted less than 1 % voltage variation and low ripple which meant Corsair HX or Seasonic X series. With the 46 watt pump, 15 fans and other goodies, I felt the 850 was just a little tight and went with the Seasonix X-1250.

    Under Furmark I pull about 745 watts from the wall (Kil-O-watt monitor on desk 24/7) w/ pumps at half load .... that leaves my CPU at about 100 watts below it's max. That 745 at the wall is about 671 output + 100 on the CPU + 23 more for the pump and Id guess worse it would have to put out is 794..... a bit to close to 850 for my comfort. But take away the pump and a 850 could serve decently enough.

    SO...if going for big OC's ....the HX850 or Seasonic X-850 would be my choice .... teh AX series from Corsair works and they are more efficient but the HX edges them out on voltage stability, ripple and price. In order of best bang for the buck

    $130 HX-850

    $170 X-850

    $170 AX-860

    $230 AX-860i

    if going for moderate OC'd, then I'd look at the Corsair TX V2 of the XFX Core Editions at 850 watts.... if they are not available to ya, the Antec HCG / HCP series are in the same class.
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