AMD System Keeps crashing at boot, Please help!!

Hi there,

I have just brought a average AMD gaming rig of a friend of a friend to find it keeps crashing upon boot of windows. I have tried both my harddrives that i know work on my other rig but it gets within 1 second of the windows 7 logo and then crashes to the blue screen below but that only stays on for 1 second aswel so tried to take a picture best i could.

The specs i will list below;

AMD Phenom ii x 4 945 3GHz
Asus m4A785TD-V EVO motherboard (Bios version 0505 if that helps dont know much about bios)
8Gb Corsair xms3 memory (2 x 4gb sticks) plugged in to duel channel.
Palit GTX 260

Please if anybody can help me on this issue i would be really grateful.

Many thanks
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    well to start with is the windows loaded on the drives for that computer?? if the drives are set to ahci and the bios set to ide or raid or any nonmatching configuration it will not go. is this why a friend of a friend whos brothers friend sold it in the first place?? your in a tough spot with that. best thing you can do is take the lesser hard drive and put Linux on it to even see if it will boot to that. also you can make a bootable disk with Linux
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