PC not booting up after adding new RAM

Hi there, I have a HP Pavilion desktop (i3 cpu 550, 3.2 GHz) with 4 gig of RAM. I ordered HyperX 8 GB 1600 MHz CL9 DDR3 HyperX Beast Desktop Memory Kit (2 x 4GB) - Intel XMP .

I've installed the sticks in the right place but when I turn the computer on it starts to boot up for about 4 seconds and then shuts down, then starts up again and then shuts down again. It just keeps doing this over and over.

I've tried both sticks independently and both sticks do the same thing. The old Ram is working fine still.

Am I missing something here?
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  1. Yes the ram is probably not comparable with your system. Can you get into the bios and manually set the timings and voltages? Have you contacted HP to verify you can use this model RAM? Have you checked with HP for a list of acceptable RAM upgrades? Try doing these things.
  2. try clr_cmos first; and take out the old ram completely.
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    DRAM probably not compatible to the rig, very few prebuilts allow for much if any changes in the BIOS which is often needed to set DRAM up correctly, however, most DRAM should run at the mobo defaults, if not, as it appears here, then prob just not compatible...might check for a BIOS upgrade
  4. Balls. With a bit of checking......the processor doesn't support it. What a tool. Sorry to waste your time guys and thanks for the help.
  5. oh... an old i3 should support ddr3 ram... that said you might need to update the bios on the motherboard to give it support for ddr3 1600 speeds. give that a try before you throw in the towel.
  6. I just had to look up what that means but I'll try that now!
  7. The DRAM itself should downclock to the mobos default, a BIOS update may be able to adjust the timings so that it will work, may be a t 1333 or even 1066 (whatever the mobo supports, but it's possible and worth a try)
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