Which socket? LGA 1155/6 or 1150?

Okay, so I'm going to build a new gaming PC out of used parts (CPU, RAM, my old HDD, GPU) and a few new parts (case, PSU, MB), and I was wondering if it would be a big deal if I chose an LGA 1155/6 over the newer LGA 1150, since Intel will switch sockets with the release of the Broadwell line anyways, and I'll probably upgrade 3-4 years down the road.
I'm asking because I'm still running a C2D E8400, which is starting to feel its age in some newer games.
Basically, will it really hurt my performance that much if I opt for an older generation of CPU?
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    1156 is older than jesus at this point, so 1150 is the way to go unless you can find some cheap 1155 stuff.
  2. With prices the way they are just go with 1150.
  3. Only reason I asked about the 1156 is because I aw someone say that the i7 930 was still a good game CPU, and that thing uses the 1366 socket which is crazy old. Would do an 1150, but I'm on a serious budget. <$400
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