Graphics Card Doesn't Fit?

I have recently brought a 'Radeon R7 250' Graphics card, for £70.

Being the computer noob that I am, I didnt check whether the graphics card would fit my PC, it doesnt.

I have an Acer Aspire xc600, and my specs are;
3.40Ghz processor,
4GB Ram,
and 64bit operating system.

I guess that my case is a slim case or something as the graphics card is far to big!
Is there a graphics card that will be as good as the Radeon R7 250 and at a similar price that will fit my computer?

Thanks alot!
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    sure... it's called "low profile", they make r7-250s low profile. here are two

    the first one is "double width" so if you only have room for a single space width card the 2nd one will be your card.

    if you want more power, they do make 750ti in low profile versions
  2. He would need a half-hight card for that case, not just a low profile one. Also, check the power supply. It may need to be upgraded depending on what card you get as the review I just peeked at for that model was dealing with a 220W supply.
  3. that's why i offered the 2nd card... it's half-height. all three cards at <60W cards... he'll have no issue with the psu.
  4. If you don't mind doing a little fabrication, you could probably stuff that card in there with a flexible pcie extender. Sometime you have to run the PC with them in the regular slot first or they aren't recognized with the extender. Remember you will have to do some fabricating (cutting metal) to get it in there, but I have done it with other slim pc's several times.
    Or you can get a low profile video card. But they generally are not high end and more expensive than they should be.
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