RAID 0 Changing SATA ports on same controller okay to do?

I put my RAID 0 config on SATA2 3gb/s slots on my asrock extreme 9 x79 mobo (obv. wasn't paying attention) and I was wondering if I were to disconnect my two SSD's that are in RAID 0 and plug them into the SATA3 6gb/s, would they still be in RAID 0 when I start my computer and will I lose any data?

Also, the first six SATA ports on my mobo are all on the same controller. the first four being SATA2 3gb/s (which my raid 0 config is in) and then the last two are SATA3 6gb/s. So if its on the same controller does this mean it's okay to switch sata cables around?
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    Yes, the raid will work either in sataII or in sataIII ports, because you already set up the raid. So connect to the sataIII, boot the PC, go to the BIOS make sure the boot order is raid 0, saving and you are good to go.
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