Can't get USB working, maybe time for a new mobo, CPU, memory...

I have a Core2Duo, and it seems my wireless adapter won't light up, not coming on, so perhaps time for a new board?

This is for my 9 year old, so I plan to reuse the XFX 5770 card to run on his 1440x900 monitor.
I have a new EVGA 750W PSU, and hard drive already. I can give him my 120GB SSD if I get off my rear and install my 240GB 840 already (been here for 3 months waiting for me to install).

So, what all do I need?
I tend to favor Asus, and I also tend to favor i5 CPU.
Any suggestions on the mobo and RAM? Anything else I need?
I will use the same Win 7 from the rig that I am taking down, obviously doing a clean install.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Are you building two computers then? One for yourself and one for your son with some parts you already have?

    If so what parts do you already have and what pc do you plan on using each part with? I can fill in the blanks for what you will need.
  2. No, I am taking my old Core2Duo rig, and using the following from it:

    Case (Antec Sonata II)
    PSU EVGA 750W
    XFX 5770 GPU
    1440x900 monitor
    Optic drives
    Samsung 1GB hard drive
    Win 7 OEM

    What I need are mobo, CPU, RAM, probably a new fan and heat sink for CPU.

    Thank you.
  3. Alright then my next question is what is your budget?

    The i5 is a nice CPU, especially for gaming. However AMD offers some really nice CPU's for significantly less money, and uses more cores. It really depends on what you do with the computer. Intel has better per core performance, while AMD offers high core counts. But honestly the difference is not a large amount with either one.

    Now you should decide on a CPU, and then pick the motherboard. As for the ram, I would suggest either G-Skills or Corsair. The amount depends on what you are doing. Most people, including gamers, will not need more than 8GB's. Also I would suggest getting 2 X 4GB dimms as apposed to one 8 GB dim, if the motherboard even supports 8 GB dimms.

    A very nice and reasonably priced CPU heat sink is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo which goes for around $30. But that should only be necessary if you are overclocking the CPU.
  4. Rookie, sorry for the delay, tough day...

    It's for my 9 year old, so it's basic web browsing, like Club Penguin, and some games, but nothing hard core.

    Is it a big price difference on AMD vs. Intel, with the mobo and all? Perhaps that is a better way to go. I'd like to keep the 5770, so I suppose that can be my limiting factor.

    Thank you.
  5. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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