my notepad doesn't appear

i have windows 8 and one day i had opend the notepad and wrote some words then i grabed it and "throwed" it to one side but it had disapeared and it was opened, i tryed to closed and open again but it still soens apear on the screen, how to fix it without need to reinstal the os again
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    so, if I got you right, notepad starts, but you can't see the window, because it is outside the monitor / desktop? Tryy the following (maybe first with a program window you see on the desktop): activate the program by clicking on it's tasbar icon, press the alt + space key. That should activate the program window menu. press the cursor down key now, followed by an enter. The courser changes and you can move the window now with the courser keys.
  2. yey it worked, thank you so much :D
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