New Build Ram Question.

Ok, so i'm at the parts ordering stage of my build.

I have already ordered the mobo and cpu, case, etc.

still have not ordered ram yet. And thus my question.

The board i have coming is a GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-UD4H and the Cpu is a i5 4670k , i do plan on overclocking, nothing record breaking, just for gaming and just the act of overclocking, so probably would say mild, not too far over 4ghz or so.... what would be the best ram for this pair?
speed, brands, and configurations ideas please.

Thank you ahead of time. :]
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  1. Personally i use the Corsair vengeance pro 2400 mHz 16gb and i can only recommend this ram, but you dont need 16 gb or 2400 mHz, i'd recommend going with 8 gb 1866 mHz :)
  2. Ok, cool, i'm kind of new to overclocked ram and what not, but on the link you pointed out, wouldn't i want some memory with tighter latency than ones on that specific set of ram???
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    With your mobo and the 4670K, I'd look at 1866/8 GSkill RJ X

    or even move up to a 2133/9 set of the same or the Snipers
  4. @Tradesman1

    Ok, i think i'm going with your recommendation, but before i hit the order button, i was looking on the link you sent me for the memory and it says ''Designed for 2nd generation Intel Core Processor Family and the Intel Z68 & P67 Platforms'' does that matter since i'll be using 4th generation Intel and Z87 platforms?
  5. No, most GSkill DRAM picks up a tag like that from whenever the release date is, or when the design came at...the RJ X and SNipers were brought out w/ the P67 and aimed at the higher abilities of the CPUs (SB (Sandy Bridge) to handle faster DRAM, the next Gen of sticks the RJ Z line was aimed at socket 2011 and true Quad channel, the Trident Xs came out during the Z77 and were positioned for the then upcoming Haswell's, which is why the Trident X sticks are the primary sticks in 2666 and higher, (they have added an entry level 2666 4x4GB set in the RJ Z line....I've been using the RJX and Snipers since their respective releases and they have worked well with all I've built and used them on...the Trident X line is a step up performance wise but at equal freq/CL just ever so slightly
  6. Ok, Thank you so much for your replies and time guys.
    Last question then i swear i'm done, lol.
    first, this is what ended up ordering, i hope it is a good choice for my cpu + mobo

    And lastly, do you guys know if my board and/or cpu support more than dual channel configs?
    once again thanks guys.
  7. Good sticks, will pair nicely with yoru combo, as far as Dual...that's it, the CPU's MC (memory controller) and the chipset are locked to max of dual channel, for Tri will need a X58/1366 or quad a X79/2011 (soon to come X99)
  8. Ok, thanks a lot man, you've been SUPER helpful and saved me a lot of worry and heartache with ordering parts. And thank you for the school lesson, i've been out of the tech scene since my daughter was born and am just now able to afford a new build and technology has not stop'd just because i did, lol. As for the last of your reply, i was just curious, i'm sure dual channel at these speeds will be plenty fast enough for my computer needs!!
  9. Yes, you'll be fine....Systems never stop evolving, that's one of the big reasons I'm here, to help me keep up, always looking for compatibility issues, BIOS problems, etc....and now there's a whole new line of mobos out, the Z97 mobos have been released, thinking I will pick up the new version of the Hero
  10. Yes, i was looking at the z97's before i settled on the z87, the nerd in me wanted the newest, freshest etc etc, but the more i spend the less i have incase of emergencies for myself or my daughter or anything, i'm a single dad and working class, so every dollar has to go as far as it can, that being said, i wanted a good performer for my money, so i opted not to go completely brand new technology, all in all, i think i will be happy with this build.
  11. Been there, know how it goes, when my Ex and I split (she already had 3 kids when we got together) and then we had 2, so ours were primarily with me and I still helped out at her end also with the kids...Should be plenty happy with your picks ;)
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