Windows 8 isn't recognizing my second HDD.

My new computer isn't recognizing the second HDD that I put in it for storage. The 128 GB SSD that I put in is working great, but I'm going to run out of room there quick... I read up on similar issues, and nothing seems quite like mine. In Disk Management my disk shows up, but I can't add it to the computer (if that makes any sense). Here's a picture of what DM looks like right now:

Any help?
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  1. Does it work if you convert to MBR?
  2. SchizTech said:
    Does it work if you convert to MBR?

  3. OK let's try a command line tool. Right-click in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and you should get a menu of system tools. Click on Command Prompt as Administrator. and type "diskpart" at the promt.

    In the diskpart tool, use these commands

    "list disk" to view disks
    "select disk X" where x is the disk to be formatted, should be disk 1 as it shows in DM
    "create partition primary"
    "format fs=ntfs quick"
    "assign letter=x" where x is whatever available letter you choose

    Use "override" after the command if there's an error if, if it still doesn't work post the error message
  4. As you were typing this, I was doing a little more experimenting. I had to right-click the other part of the drive as it appeared, where it showed all the space it had. Then I said create simple volume, it let me name it D: and I'm off and running. Just in case someone else happens upon this thread, this is what fixed it for me. Thanks for your help Schiz!
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    Yeah I should have asked about that, LOL. Glad it works anyway
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