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Hey guys, I am helping a a friend build a PC. His budget is $1500 and he doesn't need a mouse or keyboard. I decided to help him since I know alot about PCs and have built one myself. I have finalized my build for it and was wondering what you guys think of it.

P.S. I am not looking for a completely new build I'm just looking for feedback/ideas.

Here is the build link.
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  1. That PSU will absolutely not power that GPU. Also you do not need a 4GB card for 1080p. That HDD can be found for much cheaper as well.
  2. I'd recommend Gigabyte's GTX 770! ( Also that power supply is terrible! It's only 430W and it's bronze. Just use this one: ( It's modular and perfect!
    For the CPU go with i5-4670K (, you really don't need an i7. It's 100$ more and in gaming you won't realize the difference. Also don't get a liquid cooler, to be honest I'm personally scared of them and you won't need it. You can get a perfect Air cooler from Coolermaster, the Hyper 212 Evo which will allow you to overclock to a reasonable value with no heat problems at all. (
  3. few problems, if this is gaming the i7 is not needed at all i5 is all the power you need. You can look up some videos and there is little difference in BF between 2 core and 6 core with HT enabled, and this is a game optimized for multiple cores. If he needs multi tasking, the Xeon are a higher quality, cheaper alternative, only downside is not as much OC.

    h100i is not needed unless you're doing heavy OC.

    A better storage solution would a WD Blue with a SSD.

    The 4gb 770 is borderline pointless, even at high resolutions. at 1080p there is no reason to get the 4gb over 2 gb.

    PSU is not enough and the CX and CS series aren't the best, for similar prices there's better.
  4. get windows 8 or 7 home premium.
  5. also a wd blue for 60 dollars instead of yours.
  6. Thanks for all your feedback, here is the updated build: Any other advice? (Also I'm not exactly new to this so you don't have to teach me it)
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    Here's my recommendation.

    Upped the cooling, you went from possible overkill to underkill. The Hyper212 is great and all, but it is a $30 cooler. Noctua makes the best fans around and will support even a high OC.

    Upped the SSD, 120 is kind of where to start.

    Got a PSU that is great quality and not a huge price tag.
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