amd card possible to put into a acer laptops

I have a Acer aspire e1-510p-2671. I want to know if it is possible to put a AMD Radeon HD 6800 into my computer. I'm not that smart on computers and I want my gaming experience to grow bigger. my graphics is a Intel HD Graphics. please tell me that you can. and if I can do I have to also change my processor.
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  1. Unfortunately, no. Laptop GPUs are generally soldered to the motherboard, and cannot be replaced or upgraded.

    Desktop GPUs cannot physically fit.
  2. No you can't that Gpu is only for desktop computers you cant upgrade the Gpu in your laptop
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    the thing is you have to stick to that card
    for future whenever you buy a carfull of the cpu and graphics..........ram might be upgraded later but cpu and graphics can't be....
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