HP Pavilion DV6 Grapics drivers issue

ok so a couple of days ago my 4 year old Hp Pavilion Dv66 (ill have to check the exact model), started either the whole screen freezing or the whole screen went blank, now this has gotten worse, now the screen goes blank just after log on and then turns off (will attach footage of this), i had noticed on some occasion the screen will get static for a secon and then show and error message saying "display driver has stopped responding and recovered". the laptop will work for a couple of moments after that boefore it freezes and shuts down, permanently freezes, blank screen or in one case a BSOD. i have notice thhe pixelised squares appear all over the screen just before, during and after.

so far i have unninstalled the drivers fully in safemode (as it boots to safemode and i have no issues) and upon logon the laptop works fine, but i cant use my dedicated card as there are no drivers for it, as soon as i use the basic drivers installed of the card (so i acctually recognises the cards there), the system will begin having issues upon restart, same thing if insta;; the latest AMD drvivers from there website.

ps. in the video the screen is actually black in that last bit, it just looks a little weird on my camera, same with the corners of the screen.

PPs. keep and eye on the power button light (left bottom corner) at the end as you will see what i mean it turns itself off

Please help me, im hoping it is not a failed GPU,
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    You could be out of luck. I did face the same problem 2 years ago with my ASUS X42J Laptop. Though I don't have the Driver stopped responding issues there. That time my biggest guess was the GPU then possibly a failing Motherboard because it also killed itself and refused to boot anymore.
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