AMD APU on board graphics card vs XFX one Radeon 2GB HD 5450 GPU for a 3D Design Desktop

I have a computer with an AMD APU processor:
AMD A-Series A10-6800K Accelerated Processor - 4.4/4.1 GHz, 4MB L2 Cache, Quad Core, HD 8670D

I also have a GPU that I could use:
XFX One Radeon HD 5450 ON-XFX1-DLX2 Video Card - 2GB DDR3

But I'm not sure what will benefit the system the most for the 3D cad work I will be doing. I know that the APU will not compare to a FX CPU with a HD 7550 (or whatever) GPU, but I am not sure how the APU's on board GPU will be compared to a cheaper GPU that I have. I know the papers probably say APU but I like hearing from people's experience too.

Thanks in advance
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  1. that apu's on board graphics is superior to the 5450
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    I'd say go for the card, as onboard will be robbing more CPU resources. If you have a proper GPU calculating the graphics then the CPU has more time to keep the program running smooth :)

    Try benchmarking both and use the one with best results :)
  3. ingtar33 said:
    that apu's on board graphics is superior to the 5450

    He is correct, also they are different Architecture which are not compatible using hybrid crossfire.
  4. The HD8670D is much more powerful than the HD5450.

    How much RAM do you have and what frequency? For APUs you always have to use the highest frequency you can get (1866MHz at least) and use dual channel configuration so the iGPU can perform the best.

    Saludos desde México
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