First boot on new system,didn't hear beep but displays bios ?

Ok guys I've read other forum posts before asking but couldn't find a problem like the one I have. I just built my first system with just help from here and youtube vids. I booted it up for the first time and it went right in to the bios and the VGA display was fine,but I heard no beep? Am I deaf? Or is there anything I should worry about?
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  1. Did you install the case speaker?
  2. Yeah I put that in and I'm pretty sure I put it in correctly but then again it is my first build so always room for error. Is the speaker truly important ?
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    It only beeps if you have the speaker plugged in. Generally recommended for debugging, but can get extremely irritating otherwise.

    EDIT: Missed your post. Speaker doesn't matter.
  4. Maybe I just have the speaker put in upside down. I was just worried it would ruin something or cause any problems
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