Asus M3A78 Windows 8 x86 Slow Boot


I installed Windows 8.1 x86 on Asus M3A78-CM motherboard using Windows default drivers except for the video and audio drivers. It works fine but each time you shutdown and reboot Windows, it takes one to two minutes delay before it boots into desktop. This happens when the Windows logo appears.

I tried installing Windows 8.1 x64. Each time you shutdown and reboot Windows, it will hangs and you have to reboot it again before it can boot into Windows again.

Anyone with this mother board successfully installed Windows 8.1 and boot up in a normal boot up time? If so, which drivers you use for your installation.

Thanks for any tips.
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    it would have installed properly, sounds like your hard driver is over 75% full or you have a slow HDD, windows 8 does tend to have a slower boot.
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