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hey yall! I recently purchased a new msi geforce 640 gt 1GB gpu to upgrade from my pny xlr8 geforce 9800 gt gpu. now is it possible for me to run both cards to play games as well as run two monitors (one for game one for internet browser)? if so how do i uttilize both gpu's?
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  1. if your motherboard has more then one video pci slot put the newer card in the main video slot and the other in the next slot. boot windows and set up a mulit monitor set up. make the newer gpu the main video output. you should be able to use the other monitor and gpu for other stuff.
  2. thank you smorizio! is it possible for me to use both gpu's to run one game?
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    no not 1 game 2 cards, not unless they are very similar GPU's (which they aren't) and they'd be in SLI.

    But two cards, two screens, independently, yes not problem, i'm running a GTX580 and a GT210. One thing to watch out for is to ensure that both cards are covered by the same driver, nvidia stopped supporting older cards on the newer driver sets, and every-so-often they move the line forward behind which they won't cover cards.
  4. As said above, the two GPUs can be used independently but not in SLI.
    You can run a game one one screen while the other displays some application, or be using your desktop expanded across the two displays for other work.
    The current Nvidia driver supports both cards.

    Note that the GT 640 really isn't really an upgrade from the 9800 GT. They have about the same performance. The 9800 GT is old but was a high end card in its day. The GT 640 is new, but not a gaming card.,3107-7.html
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