Windows Can't Initalize Device Driver - Belkin F7D1101 v1 USB Wireless Adaptor

Good evening All,

I am having an issue with my Belkin f7D1101 v1 Wireless USB Adaptor. I installed as per supplied instructions with software first then install adaptor. However the adaptor does not work. In Device Manager it has the Code 37 yellow Icon next to the Hardware. Have tried three Drivers being the one shipped, the one off the Belkin website and also the US driver for F7D1001. But still the same issue. Have restarted the PC at each install. Then uninstalled and remove programe each tiem I try a differant driver. I have tried the adapto on my Windows 7 Laptop and it installed fine and works so it is not the adaptor or software. Would appreciate some pointers. The PC is running Windows XP SP3. Need to get internet connectivity for my boys homework. Thanks
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    Using the computer you are having problems with, and with the USB network device plugged in, try this Microsoft "Fix it" :
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