Does Windows installation program automaticly install drivers to RAM memory when connected to internet?

I was planning to buy computer with i7, GPU and 8GB of RAM, without OS. I planned to buy Windows 8, buy 2*8GB of RAM. Order this and ask them to mount RAM inside (which they do for free ). So, in totalness I'll get computer i7, good GPU, 24GB of RAM with Windows 8 DVD. I wanted to ask, that when I enter CD into computer and start it, is Windows able to (one or another)?:

1. Support all 24GB of RAM.
2. Use already installed 8GB of RAM to run setup and download drivers to another 16GB at certain point in installation (I know Windows' setup asks you whether it can connect to internet and download any drivers required).

hypermeta off-topic: Why does my dictionary in Firefox claim that "internet" is incorrect and "Internet" is correct. It isn't "The Internet" is it?
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  1. It is the Internet and drivers are downloaded to disk, not to ram.
  2. No driver required for RAM.
    Any 64-bit version of Windows will support 24 GB of RAM.
    16 GB of RAM would be plenty. The additional 8 GB of RAM will never be used in a single user computer.
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    1) Win8 Core supports up to 128GiB RAM. Win7 Home Premium only does 16GiB. Both of these limits are coded in to encourage power users to buy a more expensive OS.
    2) You don't need drivers for RAM.

    "Internet" is supposed to be a proper noun, in that it is a named thing, like a city or a person (it's not "london"). However, this appears to be changing, as it's becoming more a normal noun.
  4. do you really need 24gb of ram? for most, 8gb (or 16) is already fine, unless you know you need more.

    just curious, what gpu do you have? what is the primary use of the pc?
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