gtx 660 SLI dc2 2gd5 and dc2o 2gd5

i have this card, the gtx 660 dc2 2gd5, and my brother's pc has the dc2o 2gd5 version, and since i have a high end card, we want to put those 660's in SLI at his pc, we checked and his mobo supports SLI but the cards are not the same, will they connect in SLI or do we need 2x dc2o 2gd5?
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    As long as they are both the same GPU, the GTX 660, they will work fine. The one with the higher clock speed will decrease to the lower one present. Make sure the power supply is sufficient (750w from a known brand)
  2. Yep - you can sli them as long as they have the same gpu. But they'll run at the same clocks as the slowest one.
  3. SLI-ing is no problem. The one with higher clocks will downclock itself to match the other one. As long as the GPU Type is the same.
    Have fun with the SLI Setup! :)
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