2.8 ghz intel i7 860 quad core

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if the 2.8 ghz intel i7 quad core 860 is too old to buy say 2nd hand as a processor for my gaming computer, I will be looking to play wow mostly but I would like the ability to move onto other games when I want.

Any information would be much, much appreciated, thank you.
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  1. The i7 860 is indeed old, but should still fare up reasonably well in modern games if paired with a decent GPU.
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    I have the Core i5 760, which is the same CPU but with hyper threading disabled.
    I upgraded this with 8 GB (to make a total of 12 GB) and a GTX 770 last year to run Far Cry 3 at its highest settings and Skyrim with mods.
    I still haven't found anything that requires a faster processor than this.

    I expect you'll get at least a couple years out of this CPU. I would choose it over any AMD CPU. If you want more than two years from it, an Ivy Bridge or Haswell Core i5 would be a better choice. It depends a lot on how much the Core i7 860, motherboard and RAM are going to cost you compared to a new CPU, motherboard and RAM.
  3. Thank you both, the computer has 8gb of ram with a gtx 660 graphics card as well as a ocz ssd (120gb) and a 300gb hdd + a 180gb intel ssd, is that a decent gpu to match it? I just don't want to waste my money

    Thank you both!
  4. You can expect games to run very well with medium to high settings.
  5. Before making the upgrade make very sure the current motherboard will support it, it MAY require a BIOS update, which will need to be done before the i7 is installed.
    What CPU are you upgrading from?
    I don't think you'll have too many problems with a i7 860/GTX660 combination, but you might want to think about overclocking the i7, upping the speed of my i5 750 (little lower down the food chain than VincentPs i7 760 ;) ) from 2.4 GHz to 3.4GHz makes a difference in the more CPU hungry games.
  6. Any i7 right now is still awesome
  7. Im having this processor 4 years now! Never had prob with it... its quite fast ;)
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